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Be Self Aware of your body & learn Self Help in this equal partnership of education
Take preventative action to stay healthy by getting a whole body adjustment
Majority of insurance plans cover are services
We are committed to facilitating your innate ability for healing
Equality, respect, integrity, & dignity are important values in honoring every unique individual that comes into the office for healing
Established in June 2016 to provide you with multiple health options to your wellness
Interested in learning more?
We are your equal partner in

  •  Your Body
  •  Your Mobility
  •  Your Goals/Dreams
  •  Your Health
  •  Your Fitness 
  •  Your Nutrition 

Your Equal Partner in Becoming Self-aware in Your Wellness 
or call 905 - 867 - 4370
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The Osteopathy & Healing Center is for health-conscious individuals looking for healing the mind, body, & spirit by providing a wholesome Osteopathic & quality health care experience to improve your health day to day.

The Osteopathy & Healing Center was established in June of 2016 to provide you with multiple health options for your wellness.
Angelika Furtak also speaks Polish