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Welcome. You may be reading this page because you received a portfolio about our center. The Osteopathy & Healing Center has started a health initiative on November 2017 to go to surrounding businesses in Mississauga to educate them on what Osteopathy is & its benefits for one’s health.

The Osteopathy & Healing Center is for health conscious individuals looking for healing the mind, body, & spirit by providing a wholesome Osteopathic and quality health care experience to improve your health day to day.

My name is Angelika Sagath; like you I love to help people. I do this by offering expertise in health. I have been an Osteopathic Manual Therapist (OMT) since 2011. I have seen patients from various work environments. I have seen employees working at a desk job, doing repetitive work, lifting heavy boxes or construction material, and many more employees in different work scenarios. What I have learned is that anyone working in any work environment can benefit from an Osteopathic Manual therapy adjustment. The services qualify under many insurance programs.

Having healthy employees helps increase productivity and reduces sick days. The body has an amazing ability to heal: please see the tabs Osteopathy & Benefits to see more benefits of Osteopathy. Osteopathy is a great tool that can be preventative, curative, or palliative. 

When more employees or people become aware of this service & use it, it will yield more healthy bodies, with a more stable mentality on life at work, & it will lift the spirit.

As an employer you have done hard work to have reached this far. Your employees, too, aspire to something. With optimal health they can reach their greatest potential as a being. Help them become aware of this service that can help them get there.  

Currently, I am now scheduling appointments to speak at employee health days or lunch days you have for your employees.

Healthy Is Productive