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Benefits for Your Baby

A gentle Osteopathic Manual Therapy session helps balance and align the baby’s body by

  • helps with the digestive disturbances like relieves colic
  • helps relieve constipation and you will learn how to help your baby at home
  • helps with latching and feeding difficulties by releasing cranial nerves
  • helps with congenital torticollis and associated conditions by gently realigning the head and neck back to balance after a traumatic birth
  • helps with lower limb orthopedic dysfunctions to balance strains through the lower body if baby was in breach position
  • helps with upper limb orthopedic dysfunctions like shoulder dystocia
  • helps with cranial moulding 
  • helps augment your own baby’s ability to heal and be resilient
  • helps change the physical into physiological harmony
  • helps balance your baby at multiple levels: structural, liquid, field and mitochondrial
  • helps calm your baby into a peaceful state with craniosacral therapy
  • helps balance strains if baby was born C-section or premature
  • helps clear any restrictions to relieve symptoms from prenatal or postnatal causes
  • helps with underdeveloped motor skills like walking
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