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Angelika's Very Own Tool: Healing at a Deeper Level
Benefits of the Mitochondrial Tool

Peaceful state of mind 
Babies’ cells and patients’ cells are restructured or brought back to their original template,       
        balance or imprint for the unique individual
The cellular communication or even finer the mitochondrial communication can have smooth 
        flow of communication between itself and other mitochondria.
An integrative tool for the body
Affects the body at different levels including the energetic level
Adults need it and kids gravitate to it
Feels natural when applied

What is the purpose of the Mitochondrial Tool?

    The purpose of the Mitochondrial tool is to restructure the cells in the body into the original signature template or imprint of the soul. The original signature template or imprint of the soul can be called by many names like the blueprint, matrix, template, or grid. 

Three Parts to the Mitochondrial Tool

1.Cells and mitochondria: when communicating at this level of the cells within the body, depending on which source I am plugged-in to, wisdom comes directly from the cells or mitochondria. 

2.Unique to patient: unique differences present themselves when using the Mitochondrial tool. When using my medical intuition skills, it allows me to communicate to the patient what the body wants the patient to know. The body may want to share about the patient’s: emotions, beliefs, biases, BS, programming, money, survival, sex, fear, etc. Once the patient is aware of what comes up to the surface then they can resolve and heal at a deeper level. 

3.Wisdom from beyond this world: this tool is an ancient tool that is wisdom from beyond this world. This ancient template is prehistoric from when the dinosaurs were here on Earth and life-forms started changing. 

Most Pivotal Experiences that helped me discover the Mitochondrial Tool

    I discovered the Mitochondrial tool gradually as I have been working through the years.

1)At the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy (CAO), I did a guided class exercise, instructed by Dr. Bezilla to follow the body structures from head to toe, from superficial to deep, and use our intention to balance any blocked areas within the body.

2)At a Montreal workshop taught by Bernard Derraillans, called “The conscious presence in osteopathy. Workshop to communicate with the ‘Inner Physician’”, we were taught a technique to find the fulcrum in the room and instructed to follow the release within the body layer by layer. This layer by layer palpation allowed me to work on the different levels of the body: skin, connective tissue, muscle, bone, liquid, and field. 

3)This concept of layer by layer palpation was already on my mind because my mother, Zofia Furtak, DOMP, learned this concept in class and we discussed it on occasion.  

4)Taking Reiki made me become more aware of energy.

5)For the next several years as I continued exploring this tool with my patients, it fused itself into how I was practicing. I experienced firsthand what effect it had on my body and those I worked on. It made me pay attention at a different level. I became more perceptive to finer details occurring under my hands. I knew patients were healing at a deeper level.

6)After a Business Intuition (BI) session with Lori Wilson in 2016, I changed my awareness to specifically the organelle called the mitochondrion as I continued my layer by layer palpation.

7)I started to follow my instinct. I took intuition courses to tap into my intuition more. This was a challenging time for me as I struggled with my history, beliefs, friends, family, religion, etc. about intuition. I learned to trust my intuition and follow it. If you are a professional, I highly encourage you to use your own instincts. The medical intuition course by Lori Wilson was pivotal to teach me how to trust my intuition and follow what the body is “saying” or where the body is guiding me. 

8)As I worked on the different levels of the body with each individual patient, I discovered I was drawn to go to a deeper level of the body—deeper into the cells. It feels so natural for me to work at this level of the body, as if I have done this work before. I am working at yet a deeper level of the cell, the mitochondrial level, or on the mitochondria that are organelles within cells and primary function is energy production.  

9)I had another BI session with Joseph Sagath in 2018 because I felt I had discovered the Mitochondrial tool, and I further learned key points the innate intelligence of my business revealed about it.