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Intuition is natural and normal, it is what we use to get information about anything. It has been called our instinct, gut feeling, and sense of truth. The Oxford dictionary defines it as an ability to know or understand something immediately without conscious reasoning. You may have received intuitive impressions throughout your life. Intuition is programmed into our DNA, bodies, and our energy fields. 

An intuitive, or a person using their intuition, gains information from different sources through the senses. Different sources include the body, innate intelligence of the business (link for more information:, loved ones who have passed away, animals, and guides.

Medical Intuition was coined by Dr. Norman Shealy in 1988 as a mapped based style. Dr. Shealy was a renowned medical doctor & advocate of holistic health. He was a Harvard trained neurosurgeon and one of the founders of the American Holistic Association.

Medical Intuition is when an intuitive uses their intuition to tune in or plug-in to the physical field of the body as the direct source to gain information. There are many styles of Medical Intuition. The style Angelika uses is called the Medical Intuition: Lori Wilson's Body Intuition. Lori Wilson states it is really just a simple set of definitive intuition skills, organized to gather energetic information from our ever-present friend: the body. The word medical is used as in pertaining to healing, the art of healing, and paying attention to the body. 

To learn more about what intuition is and what medical intuition is see Intuition: part 1 video.

How Medical Intuition can help you:

  • Gain insightful information pertaining to your health
  • Used in combination to your treatment session(s)
  • Find other areas in the body being affected 
  • Get to the root cause of a health imbalance like a past life
  • Show if the imbalance is emotional, spiritual, or physical
  • To facilitate health & healing

Just like there are tools in Osteopathy that an Osteopathic Manual Therapist can use to assess, balance and align the body, there are tools in Intuition that an intuitive can use to access the body to find information about the body. A key to understanding Osteopathy is that it is governed by principles; it is a science and art form that uses various tools that can be Osteopathic as long as principles are adhered to.

Angelika is now offering 15 minute Medical Intuition body scans for anyone interested in gaining more insight into their body. Please e-mail one question you may have related to your health. If you do not know what question to ask, you can just write you are interested in anything that the body has to share with you right now. E-mail the question along with the payment via an e-mail transfer to [email protected]. The price is $30.00. It will take up to 5 business days to do your body scan. Your body scan will be voice recorded and sent back to you as an audio file. 

When Angelika does the body scan she uses the attending model which means the body is scanned in a systematic fashion that gives a portrait of the body condition. She reports exactly what is observed, experienced, or heard. The physiology is used as an entry point to attend to the body. We are tuning in to or tapping into a specific bandwidth or frequency called the patient’s body. Then the body is followed wherever it leads till the observation is complete. The protocol consists of three parts: broadcast, head to toe, and organs and systems. What we are doing is an energetic procedure or an electric or energetic protocol.

In practice Angelika uses the healers hits style of Medical Intuition where the information jumps out as the practitioner interacts in a healing fashion with the body. Just like the Osteopathic Manual Therapist knows how different tissues feel by palpating the nuances between nerves, blood, muscles, bones, etc. intuitives know how different sources of information are distinguished. 

Energy is everywhere. It can be measured, we feel the effects of it & it can be changed by interacting with other energy sources. See Intuition part 3: Energy is real video to learn more. Our bodies communicate & operate via electricity--see Intuition part 2: Electricity to learn more.

Wilson, L. (2017). Medical Intuition Lori Wilson's Total Body Intuition™ Training Manual Foundation Level 1. Inner Access 101.

Tune In to Your Own Body's Wisdom
Video 5 of 5 is on YouTube
Medical Intuition Testimonial:

As an engineer, it’s sometimes hard to accept or believe things that you cannot see or explain with mainstream science. The remote medical intuition scan that Angelika was offering sounded intriguing, but at the same time triggered some doubt and questions around how that would work. Regardless, I put my engineer hat aside and opened my mind & body to the ‘unknown’. Angelika had very little knowledge of my medical history and personal situation, but boy was I shocked (pleasantly!) with what came my way. She shared with me some private thoughts, recollections & situations that nobody but me would know or remember! She also pointed out a few weak / pain points which I’m now addressing with naturopathic and traditional medicine. Angelika has made me a believer!