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I have been seeing Angelika for Reiki. I have been going through a very difficult period in my life. So far I have had 4 treatments & continuing weekly with her. I am starting to feel a very deep shift inside me. My heart is healing, a sense of hope has been restored. Angelika's energy that comes through other treatments is a sense of unconditional love. You feel loved. I felt her kindness & compassion around me. Having Reiki with Angelika far exceeds any other treatments I have had over the years with different practitioners. The love is a felt sense & I am starting to heal finally. 

Angelika is a natural healer. Seeing her for energetic therapy allowed me to experience an emotional release that had been keeping me back for quite some time. With an astounding sense of intuition, there are not many people I could say I trust with my soul.

I received a healing treatment from Angelika & found it very beneficial as well as fascinating. During the treatment, a series of images flashed through my mind. As strange as it seemed at first, I was remembering the many kisses I’ve received over the years from different women. What stood out the most about this experience was an underlying feeling of gratitude for these gifts of love & kindness. It was as if I had never really stopped to appreciate or see these experiences for what they were – beautiful, and lovely. It seemed like a healing or re-contextualization of my relationship with woman in general, & particularly in the area of intimacy. Many painful memories or reservations related to relationship were merely based on false perceptions, seeing loss instead of gain. All gifts of love are blessings. The healing session seemed to be correcting this. After the treatment, I felt a great deal of peace & calm for the rest of the day. I knew that I had received a true blessing facilitated through Angelika’s gifts & expertise. Within a day or two, a new relationship that wasn’t really going anywhere suddenly & naturally dissolved. The healing treatment seemed to exhilarate this process, helping to make way for something greater. 

I came to see Angelika for my right knee & lower back pain that rated a 5/10 before my session. My knee felt better for 2-3 days after the last session with her. Then same again. I feel much relaxed after the session. Overall I feel that the treatment & exercises I receive from today's treatment will take care of my problems. 

I came to Angelika with my shoulder pain which was 7/10. After the first session folIowing my assessment, I felt my biggest concern has been addressed. Exercises made the shoulder feel stronger, I would give it now a 5/10.  

Baldeep Sehmbi
I feel excellent after my first session with Angelika. It was an excellent session. Very thorough assessment. She gave me an excellent treatment & information for home exercises after my second session. 


I have done Pilates sessions with Angelika for many years & find then both very relaxing & beneficial. I saw Angelika with knee pain. Angelika, is able to pin point the muscles that are weak & focus on strengthening them. The technique & tools used to assist in the sessions also benefit me greatly. I like the one on one attention that I get from Angelika, because I know I’m getting 100% focus on helping better my body. I have attended Pilates classes in gyms many times & find them too rushed & I’m not getting the same results as with Angelika.

I felt good, great relief from neck & right shoulder pain, body felt light & relaxed after my last Osteopathic session with Angelika. Today, I feel pain in the right arm & shoulder & would rate it 2/10. After the Pilates session with Angelika I would rate it ½ /10. I feel much better, my whole body feels more relaxed, & the pain in the shoulder is not noticeable.

Parmjit Mangat
My back is out of alignment due to “jarring” yesterday causing extra tightness in the shoulder blade 2-3/10, & pain in the left gleut. 3/10. I can’t remember how I felt after the last session, but I know I always feel relief right away. After the session with Angelika, I feel better, not so tight. Sore from adjustment, but less pain, now 1/10. Thank you!! So much better than the Chiropractic sessions I had years ago. 

My biggest concern is both legs are cramping and I would rate it 10/10. After my session with Angelika, I feel good. My biggest concern has been addressed & it rates 0/10 now. I’m fine, you’re the only one I know of that does a good job, that’s why I come back. 


Before my Osteopahtic session with Angelika, my right side of the neck & shoulder rates 3-4/10. Last session it was uplifting. My energy level increased & pain was less. After this treatment I feel relaxed & light. I like how you provide instructions & handle the session. 

I felt good after last Osteopathic session. Liver felt ok. No pain just a little puffy. Drinking lemon water every morning. Low-back felt good. Hips felt more balanced-even. I feel great! I feel more relaxed, less tension, everything balanced after the session. I really enjoy these Osteopathic sessions with Angelika. I feel so much better. 

I feel excellent after the session. Angelika is an Excellent Osteopath. 

My elbow rates 7/10 & neck 4-5/10 before the Osteopathic session with Angelika. Now, I feel great after the session. My elbow pain is now 0/10 & neck pain is 1/10. I feel balanced. 

I had a headache before my appointment & after my Osteopathic session with Angelika, my headache is gone. I feel good now. My low back pain has decreased from 6/10 to 1/10. 

I feel 100% better after my Osteopathic sessions. Tension released, low back feels in place, hips feel better- in place. Back pain & hip pain improved to 0/10, & sleep is slowly improving. I find my Osteopathy sessions with Angelika, to be very relaxing, tension is released, feeling much better. 

For many years, I was referring my patients with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) misalignment & neck pain to Angelika Furtak, M.OMSc.

When I woke up one morning with locked jaw, & could not open my mouth wide enough even to bite into a banana, I knew where to go. Angelika has adjusted my cranial bones, facial bones & my TMJ a couple of times. Now I can chew comfortably, without pain. Thank you!

Dr. Julia Sagath
My energy is high. I feel stronger physically. I feel good, less tension in piriformis, & cranium is good. Overall body feels very good after the Osteopathic session with Angelika.

Yoga teacher
My treatments with Angelika over the past 16 months have focused on chronic problems with my SI joints, hip flexors, upper spine, shoulder & more recently a repetitive strain injury causing tendonitis in my elbow. Angelika brings a greater variety of manipulation techniques for joints, muscles & fascia than any practitioner I have worked with over the past 15 years. As an active senior, I appreciated Angelika’s ability to keep me mobile so I can swim, walk & sleep without pain. 


I recently received an Osteopathic treatment from Angelika Furtak for my left hip, which had been injured for five years following a fall. Nearly forty chiropractic treatments had hardly touched the issue but after one treatment with Angelika I felt significant improvement. The next day my entire left leg & hip felt stronger than it had in many years. She also discovered through Kinesiological testing several supplements that would be beneficial. I am now taking them and believe they are helping as well. It may take more than one treatment to fully correct the issue but it’s a fact that one treatment from Angelika was many times more effective in this area than anything else I’ve tried. With any modality there is a difference between practitioners and healers. Angelika is a healer in my estimation: someone who is truly dedicated to the healing of her patient. Her approach is thorough, caring, intuitive and at the same time clinically very sound. I highly recommend her Osteopathic & healing services. 

Dan van der Wolf

Ms. Furtak has also worked on my shoulder after it was fractured from a skiing accident. After I have received several Osteopathic treatments. I felt increased range of motion, more strength in my rotator cuff muscles, zero discomfort. I appreciate home exercise routine I was given, to maintain my alignment and function long term. Ms. Furtak is compassionate, intuitive, & caring about her patients. I would highly recommend her if you have back or joint pain, migraines, tendinitis. I am also excited about joining her coaching or pilates classes.

With blessings and gratitude,

Dr. Julia Sagath
Angelika can pick things up intuitively, & therefore she can give you insight into your health problem. It is calming to be around her & I feel comfortable sharing my emotions. I can see her being sought after as a practitioner.

Joseph Sagath

Before my session I had low back pain rated 7/10, upper neck pain 4/10, & mid back pain 5/10. After the session with Anglika, all of my three concerns have been addressed. Lower back pain went down to 3/10, upper neck 0/10, & middle back 1/10. I am very pleased of the multiple techniques Angelika has applied on me. I can feel a positive & relaxing flow of energy. Very relaxing. 

Haler Alanis

What was really unique about Osteopathy with Angelika is that she taught me about how my body works & what was leading to the different types of pain that I was experiencing. I received relief from my conditions as well as helpful information about pressure points or muscles that I could massage on my own from time to time to prevent the pain from coming back. Another pleasant surprise is that she repaired a clicking in my jaw that my dentist had advised I'd need a mouth guard to correct. She is such delightful company that I'm almost sad to say that I haven't needed much Osteopathy lately. I give her my highest recommendation.

Tatiana K.
I am happy with the collective treatment that I have received from this clinic. I have 100% confidence in your skills, Angelika. I am impressed with your patient concern. Thank you for the excellent care & for the interest in my health. 

After a microdiscectomy about 6 years ago, I was left with a numbness in my leg and foot. A friend told me about Osteopathy and Angelika, and I decided to see if she could help me. Angelika said the problem was scarring in the nerve root, and she went about fixing it. I left that day feeling considerably better and the numbness significantly reduced. There are no words for it, I was simply amazed at the difference after one treatment. Since then, I am a regular for tune-up treatments, and I always will be!

Shelley Baker

After suffering back pains resulting in disk and other issues that made become crooked, I was relieved by back surgery which includes rods in my back 6+ months ago.

However, I had nerve issue with my left leg, a bit shorter and as a result caused me to walk a bit of drop foot. The nerve in the foot has improved tremendously with physio, massage and hydro therapy.

However, to address the shortness of the foot, I was fitted with orthopedic shoe with modification of the left foot. This resulted in me being level/adjusted--no more dipping when walking standing but caused strain on my hip and back and the nerve damaged foot began to be stiff and very painful. Issues of the nerve that was settled came back.

Knowing the benefit of Osteopathy treatment, after 2 months of no relief with physio I decided to visit Angelika (from whom I had excellent treatment prior to surgery).

At my first visit to Angelika she reviewed the report of my surgery and what was done. Then she examined the issue that brought me to her and then informed me what caused the pains and discomfort in my back and leg and what action/treatment will be taken to relieve the issue.

She then set out and addressed the issue and before the session was over, I felt a remarkable difference/relief of the tightness and pains to my hip, lower back and leg.

I left the session feeling relieved and grateful for her knowledge and caring attitude in her treatment to me. And since, then I am much better, the issue I went to her for has settled down and I can continue my recovery in a better frame of mind and a sense of relief.

Angelika is an excellent dedicated, knowledgeable, caring Osteopathy therapist who makes her patient's health and wellbeing a priority.

I have spoken to family members & friends who have noticed that I no longer complained about the sharp shooting stabbing nerve pains in left foot anymore.

Thanks Angelika

B. Anderson
"When I first got into the back issues I did do some Physio and didn't find any relief..."

after seeing Angelika for OMT: "... by a month I was no longer using any pain killers."

"Angelika manipulated my kidneys somehow that caused the release of the pain and the aching and the tingling in my right thigh, and that has not come back."